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Thanksgiving Restaurant Perfection!

Thanksgiving Restaurant

Thanksgiving travel means a whole lot of things – long road trips, family reunions, trying to make conversation with your weird uncle. But it also means trying to find the perfect Thanksgiving restaurant! Of course this all depends on how culinarily (did I just make up a word!?) inclined your family is but many prefer to eat their Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant instead of dealing with the hassle of the turkey and the cleanup and the OY!

Well you Thanksgiving restaurant seekers are in the luck because the Ayres Hotels have five, count ‘em FIVE restaurants to meet your Thanksgiving restaurant needs! In the coming weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we will spotlight each restaurant and the delectable fare they are preparing for your turkey day pleasure. From European-inspired food to something more south of the border, we have a little bit of everything spread among our Southern California locations. So sit tight, hang on to your growling tummy, and keep your eyes peeled for our next Thanksgiving restaurant blog post!

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