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Orange County Bee Removal with Heart!

Bee Removal

Orange County Bee Removal with Heart!

So you’re walking along, hand in hand with your loved one (or maybe just solo) breathing in the fresh air when BAM! You’re suddenly confronted with that tiny, fuzzy black and yellow harbinger of stinging pain AKA the bumblebee. Do you run screaming in the other direction, arms flailing and mouth frozen in horror as your significant other tries to keep pace? Do you swat at the air so intensely it looks to passersby as if you’re doing your best to come up with some new dance craze a la The Macarena? Do you just shrug and keep on keeping on?

As a hotel collection headquartered in Orange County, we are not a huge fan of bees – they can damage the buildings as well as cause issues with guests. But being eco-friendly, we also know that bees are a necessity in a world with a bee shortage and crops dependent on the little buggers. So what do we do when confronted with bees at our hotels (which, for the record, is a rarity)? We look to our Orange County bee removal experts at We Save Bees! These savvy bee lovers catering to the Orange County area (also San Diego and LA counties AND the Inland Empire!) have live bee removal down to an art and just recently serviced our Costa Mesa hotel to great success.

What is live bee removal you ask? It is a bee friendly process that removes the entire hive live, BY HAND (eek!) one sheet of honeycomb at a time. These Orange County bee removal experts also clean the area and remove all pheromone traces – meaning this bee removal process is able to stop re-colonization 99% of the time. The hive (which can sometimes have up to 80,000 live bees) is then relocated to an agricultural area more suited to bees than, say, a hotel port a cochere.

The Orange County bee removal experts at We Save Bees are amazing in that they are truly invested in the preservation of the hive and helping to build our dwindling bee population. Their fount of knowledge of bees is beyond what we could even begin to describe in this blog. Just check out Spencer Murphy’s blog over on their site! Anything and everything you could have ever wanted to know about bees and bee removal is described with passion and excitement, so you can soak up some knowledge along the way. These bee removal masters are on a mission and will obviously not be stopped.

Here at Ayres Hotels, our green motto is “Ayres Cares” and we absolutely do down to the smallest, yet super important, creature we come across. We Save Bees is an amazing partner in helping us live up to this motto and we encourage you to contact them should you ever find yourself in the midst of a swarm of these little guys – be it at home or even at the office.

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One Response to Orange County Bee Removal with Heart!

  1. ATX Bee Removal Says:

    There is nothing more green than honeybees! They are so important to our agriculture system.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

    November 7, 2013


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