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Pet Travel Tips for a Pet Friendly Vacation

Does the thought of traveling with your pet have you running to the nearest pet boarding house? Traveling with your pet may seem like a huge hassle and a lot of work, especially if you have never tried it before. Whether you are flying, driving, staying at a friend’s, or at a pet friendly hotel more…

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Orange County Bee Removal with Heart!

Orange County Bee Removal with Heart! So you’re walking along, hand in hand with your loved one (or maybe just solo) breathing in the fresh air when BAM! You’re suddenly confronted with that tiny, fuzzy black and yellow harbinger of stinging pain AKA the bumblebee. Do you run screaming in the other direction, arms flailing more…

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California Pet Friendly Hotels

A pet-friendly paradise with gorgeous beaches, beautiful state parks, majestic mountains and cosmopolitan cities, Southern California is home to many pet-friendly hotels, including the dog-friendly lodgings in the Ayres Hotel Collection located throughout Southern California – from Los Angeles to San Diego! more…

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