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The Top 5 Travel Apps to get you through your Summer trip to Southern California!
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Whether you’re traveling to the sunny Orange County coast or the beautiful Paso Robles wine country, getting lost or frantically searching for a place to eat is the last thing you want to do while traveling, whether it be for business or pleasure.

If you’re a traveler who has ever been in this situation, you’re not alone and there is a solution! By using these five apps, technology can help ease the stress of navigating in an unfamiliar area, organizing all the details from the beginning to the end, and customizing your vacation as a whole. Planning your next trip to Southern California will be a breeze!


1. TripIt Travel Organizer

Compatibility: Apple/Android

What makes it great: From travel itineraries to hotel and restaurant confirmation emails, TripIt makes it effortless to streamline your travel plans in just one easy package!  By simply e-mailing your travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com, this app creates a highly detailed itinerary for any trip all in the palm of your hand. Planning your vacation has never been this stress-free!

Trip it


2. Locish

Compatibility: Apple/Android

What makes it great: Stumped on where to stop for lunch? Wondering where the hottest hangout spot is or the best dive bar in the city? “Locish” solves all of your travel-related dilemmas by utilizing the power of like-minded people to help aid the decision making process. By simply typing in a question (for example, “What’s the best place for burgers?”), other Locish users can reply to your question, complete with details regarding the restaurant, pricing, and many other great features such as photos and reviews from Yelp or Foursquare. By setting personal criteria of exactly what they are looking for, Locish matches the traveler with local experts who have similar preferences and tastes.



3 .Waze

Compatibility: Apple/Android/Windows Phone

What makes it great: For those travelers who have a love for the open road, “Waze” is one of the most worthwhile apps when it comes to outsmarting traffic and searching for the fastest, most efficient route to your destination. By utilizing a community of fellow drivers, Waze allows users to map out their route, equipped with traffic updates ranging anywhere from road hazard and accidents, to traffic jams and police radars. Also, if you’re in need for a fuel up on your journey cross country, Waze notifies its users of the most affordable gas station so they can fill up their tank without breaking the bank. By connecting to Facebook, Waze users can also see other friends who are driving to a similar destination and can coordinate arrival times. It’s time to say goodbye to sitting in hours of traffic!



4. Lyft

Compatibility: Apple/Android

What makes it great: In the case that you don’t travel with your car on your vacation, often times cabs can charge an arm and a leg to transport you only a few miles. Thanks to the smartphone world, “Lyft” is now shifting the transportation game by allowing smartphone users to get in touch with local drivers that are employed within the system. This app allows you to track your driver’s location and provides an estimated time of arrival so you can make plans accordingly. No cash? No problem! Lyft uses an automatic payment system that works by syncing your credit card information and automatically e-mails you a receipt for your ride. The best part about the Lyft experience is that you can always distinguish your Lyft driver’s vehicle by the stylish, hot pink furry mustache on the front!



5. GateGuru

Compatibility: Apple/Android

What makes it great: If your ideal way of travel involves the open skies, GateGuru is the app for you! This app works by mapping out airport terminals from all over the world and pinpoints everything from the nearest coffee shop to the closest restroom by your terminal. Worried about possible cancellations to your flight? Not sure how long it will take to get from Point A to Point B? GateGuru accurately tracks all of your flights and gives notifies the user with updates, in the case his or her flight gets delayed due to technical or weather issues. GateGuru users can also keep track of all of the airports they have visited, the amount of miles they’ve traveled, and so much more!


No matter where you’re traveling in Southern California this summer, these apps are guaranteed to help you plan, organize, and navigate your way to your perfect summer vacation!


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