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Summer in Orange County – Great Park Movies on the Lawn

Summer in Orange County – Great Park Movies on the Lawn

The beginning of summer means the return of one of the most highly anticipated summer events in Orange County – Movies on the Lawn at the Great Park! Let’s start with a little history on the Great Park just to bring everyone up to speed. The Orange County Great Park is located on the now extant El Toro Marine Air Base. There was a flurry of controversy surrounding what was to be done with the land (airport was officially nixed!) and eventually the residents of the area settled on a massive Great Park featuring an enormous hot air balloon, museums, botanical gardens, golf course and more. Pretty much everything an OC resident or visitors would need for some relaxation and leisure time.

That Orange County leisure time means the Movies on the Lawn that have become a summer staple of the community. While all family friendly films, Fridays are reserved for classic such as E.T: The Extraterrestrial and Singin’ in the Rain while Saturdays feature the latest family blockbusters (The Lorax, Madagascar, you get the idea). Movie screenings are all free and really do a fantastic job of creating the same sense of community as the movies screened in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. It is truly a remarkable summer experience to sit under the stars on a warm summer night and take in the beauty of Orange County’s Great Park as well as a great, fun flick.

With approximately half of our hotels located in the Orange County area, this summer activity is truly a fantastic and wallet friendly activity that can be enjoyed by all guests (can’t say the same about Disneyland right? The wallet friendly part at least!). We encourage our guests to take part in the Great Park Movies on the Lawn to get a glimpse of the culture of summer in Orange County which is the perfect complement to your stay at an Ayres Hotel. Our Guest Service Agents are also always available to assist in finding local activities so don’t be shy! Go ahead and ask away!

For more information on the Great Park visit the website here: http://www.ocgp.org/

For a list of movies and showtimes, click here.

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