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ITS MOTHER’S DAY! Top 5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts:
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Everyone has a busy schedule during the week – working hard, helping out with the kids, or on business trips, so in case you forgot… THIS SUNDAY IS MOTHER’S DAY!  Are you rushing to get her a gift this week? Here are five amazing gifts you can get your mom that are easy and timeless, but still show her how much you care and love her!

Personalized iPhone case: 

In today’s life-style, people constantly have their phones in their hands.  Whether it’s talking, texting, looking through social media, or playing games, let’s face it, we are always on our phones!  What better way to show your love towards your mom than letting her hold you in her hand all the time.  With a personalized iPhone case, you can choose photos from memories that you experienced with your mom and family that you never want her to forget.

Wine of the Month Club: 

wine-bottlesIs your mom a wine lover?  Does she have that one glass of wine every night during dinner?  Or maybe she has a group of friends over once a month for a few drinks.  If yes is the answer to any of these questions then Wine of the Month Club would be a perfect gift for her.  Never mind having to go to the store, stand in front of the huge wine selection and choose a wine that you are not completely sure is the right one.  Each month your mom will receive 2 full-sized bottles of hard-to-find, premium wines from award-winning wineries across the globe.  They offer 3, 6, and 12-month clubs as well as Wine of the Season Club with new selections each spring, summer, fall and winter.

Framed Picture of a Fun Memory: 

Every mom loves walking through her house and seeing pictures that remind her of fun memories that she has spent with her family.  Get that special picture, create a collage of that amazing trip, or even a collage of all those memories over the years, and every time your mom will look at it, there will be a smile on her face.  Go to a framing store and pick a frame that fits your mom’s personality and its complete.  It’s a simple present but when your mom unwraps it, she will be filled with joy!

Mini Orange Tree: 


Most people enjoy an orange for an afternoon snack, to take with them on the road, or throw into their lunch bag when heading off for the day.  A miniature orange tree is a great gift for a mom that enjoys the juicy taste of an orange on a hot summer afternoon.  It is easy to plant in a small pot, can fit almost anywhere in a small area, and yields a great amount of oranges.  The best part about this awesome gift is that it will be around for a long time.  So every time your mom goes to grab an orange from the tree, she will remember how happy she was when she received it on that one special Mother’s Day.

Ayres Hotel and Spa Mission Viejo Spa Treatment:

Every mom loves to get pampered for a day or two.  Whether it is laying by the pool for an afternoon, a weekend away from the kids, massages, or a rejuvenating facial every mom always has these in the back of her mind.  What if you can let your mom experience all of these things at once!  At the Ayres Hotel and Spa Mission Viejo we would be delighted to deliver an amazing Mother’s Day gift.  Both the Royal Treatment for Two and the Face It package offer remarkable amenities for the perfect weekend. The Royal Treatment for Two package includes two 60 minute signature facials, two 60 minute signature massages both at our Athena Day Spa as well as a deluxe overnight stay with a complimentary American breakfast, WIFI and parking.  You can choose what treatment you want to experience first, and can also choose two spread the treatments over two days instead of a single two hour session.  So give this package to your mother for Mother’s Day and who knows, maybe you’ll be the plus one!

downloadThe Face It package will be only for your mother, for that weekend away to relax and rejuvenate.  This package includes a Signature Facial at our Athena Day Spa along with an overnight stay in a Signature Studio Suite.  After the facial or massages kick back and relax at our pool, have a drink at our bar, or go to your room to enjoy a movie in bed.  Please call Ayres Hotel and Spa Mission Viejo and ask for either one of these packages to reserve for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Don’t forget you can always get an amazing assortment of flowers and tell her you love her!  Which one of these gifts is your favorite?  Do you have any other great ideas for a last minute gift for mom!?  Share below and help your fellow readers out.



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