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At Ayres Hotels our core values – “We care about people. We value teamwork. We deliver results”- is proven every day in a million different ways. We strive for excellent customer service that exceeds the expectations of our guests. Recently, we asked our guests to submit their exceptional stories of service with us so that we can share the warm hospitality guests are likely to receive whenever they stay with us and also give props to our amazing team members who truly go the extra mile to make their hotels remarkable. Our goal is to treat each and every guest to the “Ayres Hotels” treatment! The two stories below are just two examples of meeting that goal:

“Ayres Hotels are amazing!  The last one I stayed at was in Moreno Valley.  I was there almost every Friday night so that I could be ready for a class at UC Riverside Saturday morning.  The staff at that Ayres Hotel never stopped amazing me. The last time I walked in, they greeted me with smiling faces and automatically made sure that I had a room on the fourth floor because they remembered that I have a hard time sleeping when I can hear the people above me.  They said that they noticed I was going to be there and had purposely saved a room for me!  One of the staff members then walked me to my room, opened the door for me, and reminded me that the staff is around all night should I need anything.  I was so impressed! 

My trip continued to get even better the next morning!  When I went to get breakfast, I noticed a long line for the fresh omelets, my favorite breakfast at Ayres!  I was running a little late, so I wasn’t sure I was going to have time to wait.  The ladies making breakfast remembered me and asked me if I wanted the same thing.  When I said yes, they started to make my omelet! I didn’t have to wait in line, got a healthy breakfast, and made it to my class on time!  I love Ayres and can’t wait to stay in another Ayres again!” – Chanel Reeder (Ayres Hotel & Spa Moreno Valley)

“On our way back to our room we noticed there had been cookies set out in the lobby but were all gone. My husband made a sad face and we went to our room.  Well, someone at the front desk must have noticed he looked sad, I am guessing, because one of them went to the kitchen made some more cookies and brought four of them to our room.  If that is not above and beyond service I don’t know what is!!!!!! You know in life it’s not always about the big things, more often it’s the little things that really count and that’s people remember.  But this is the way I have been treated every time I have stayed at an Ayres Hotel.  Amazing service, wonderful rooms and great food. Thank you for making every one of my stays with you something I will always remember.” – Sandy DeLoof (Ayres Hotel Anaheim)

These are only a couple of stories that truly represent our motto here at Ayres Hotels.  At Ayres we care about the guests of our hotels; through teamwork and dedication we try to make every stay here as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Without our hardworking team and wonderful guests we are nothing. Thank you to our team members and guests who truly create and represent our motto.

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